Go Lower with MAINCOTE™ Resins

Featuring the industry's first waterborne binder for direct-to-metal (DTM) application, MAINCOTE™ Resins continue to set the standard for low-VOC metal and concrete coatings. Available as one-component and two-component solutions, MAINCOTE™ Resins are an excellent choice for new build and maintenance of structural steel, storage tanks, bridges, railcars, and interior and exterior coatings for commercial buildings.

Set up Faster and Apply Easier
Replacing solvent borne coatings with high-performance waterborne alternatives can offer many advantages, including reduced solvent exposure and associated health risks, fewer concerns with flammability and the impact on insurance costs, easy soap-and-water clean-up, less hazardous waste disposal and associated cost, and, in the case of one-component coatings, less mixing and less waste. MAINCOTE™ Resins powered by Dow can help you make the transition quickly and effectively, with minimal capital cost or downtime, equal or better coating performance, and all the ease and convenience that comes with the use of waterborne coatings.

Institutional Wall Coatings
For commercial and institutional wall applications, MAINCOTE™ AEH Resin offers excellent resistance to aggressive cleaning regimens while contributing to improved aesthetics in daylighted interiors.

Common epoxy systems typically degrade under exposure to UV radiation, exhibiting chalking and dramatic gloss reduction. In accelerated UV exposure testing over concrete substrates, a coating formulation made with MAINCOTE™ AEH Hybrid Technology demonstrated inherently better resistance to gloss change under UV radiation.

Commercial & Residential Floors
MAINCOTE™ AEH Resin offers excellent tire pickup resistance in waterborne two-component concrete coatings, making it an excellent choice for commercial flooring and residential garage floors where high performance and ultra-low VOC is desired.

Commercial Architecture
The comprehensive functionality of MAINCOTE™ 4950 Acrylic Resin offers a single resin solution that meets the wide range of regulatory requirements across the variety of applications within commercial architecture without sacrificing sustainability or performance.

Industrial Infrastructure
Easy to use over complex geometries like levers and valves, MAINCOTE™ IC Acrylic Resins offer an improved alternative to traditional insulation materials and can help reduce heat transfer and energy loss in industrial infrastructure applications.

Energy Savings
Ongoing energy savings is a real significant benefit of insulation coatings formulated with MAINCOTE™ IC Acrylic Resins. To demonstrate the savings potential, steel vassels were coated with 125 més DFT of thermal insulation coatings based on MAINCOTE™ IC-1001 Acrylic Resin and either hollow glass microsphares or silica aerogel. The inside of the vessels were filled with a silicone fluid and heated to a constant temperature of the vessels at 180°, 250° or 325°F. These results lower energy usage versus vessels without coating. In this experiment, the coating using the silica aerogel filter perfomed better than the coating using hollow glass microspheres, showing that choice of lowc thermal conductivity filter is also important.