EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology

Join the Paint Evolution with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology

Do you want to improve hiding performance? Raise film-barrier properties? Create a new category of paint? EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology adds value across a broad spectrum of architectural paint products, from premium to price- competitive lines. Used alone or with ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymers, EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer opens doors to winning in your market space.

Consumer Benefits

Paints made with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer offer marketable consumer benefits:

  • Whiter Whites
  • More Durable Brights
  • Longer-lasting Clean
  • Longer Repaint Intervals

How It Works

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology is designed to interact with the surface of titanium dioxide (TiO2), creating polymer-pigment composites that contribute to improved TiO2 distribution and light-scattering efficiency. The technology also helps save up to 20% of TiO2 and maintain the same wet- and dry-hiding and tint strength.

Formulator Benefits
EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymers create polymer-pigment composites that enhance hiding efficiency and facilitate TiO2 savings of up to 20% while maintaining equal wet- and dry-hiding and tint strength. This revolutionary technology also offers formulation-specific performance improvements that can help your products stand out on the store shelf.

Interior Performance

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology offers formulation-specific improvements in interior barrier properties, including improved stain resistance and easier stain removal.

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer strongly interacts with the surface of TiO2, creating a polymer-pigment composite that contributes to tighter film formation. That, in turn, offers notable improvements in stain resistance and removal across sheens, from flat to gloss.

Exterior Performance
EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology offers formulation-specific improvements in exterior barrier properties, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Nail-head rust resistance
  • Tannin stain blocking
  • Dirt-pickup resistance
  • Efflorescence resistance

Acrylic paint made with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Precursor demonstrates improved dirt-pickup resistance after six years of exposure, north vertical, at the Dow Exposure Station in Spring House, PA.

Sustainability Benefits
A Life Cycle Assessment demonstrates that waterborne house paints reformulated with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer and/or ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymer have smaller impact on the environment in 10 out of 10 measured categories, including air and water quality, as well as greenhouse-gas emissions.

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