AVANSE™ Acrylic Resins

Go Further with AVANSE™ Technology

AVANSE™ Acrylic-Binder Technology is a coatings breakthrough that brings low-VOC (volatile organic content) capability and one-component convenience to a wide range of industrial applications, including, metal finishing, masonry, and maintenance and protective coatings.

A History of Low-VOC Innovation
VOC restrictions and growing concern for air quality are prime drivers for replacing solventborne coatings with high-performance waterborne alternatives. Dow technologies are helping coatings formulators, applicators and asset owners make the transition quickly and effectively. They’re doing it with:

  • Minimal capital cost or downtime
  • Equal or better coating performance
  • All the ease and convenience that comes with using one-component waterborne coatings

Sustainability Breakthroughs

Dow Coating Materials innovations help make sustainable products. We’ve developed ultra-low-VOC-capable binders and solvent-free HASE and HEURs (manufactured without added solvent) with no added surfactant for architectural markets. For industrial applications, we are pushing waterborne technology to new levels and introducing entirely new high-performance chemistry families. We have developed low-VOC solutions for industrial wood coatings, including ROSHIELD™ 4000 which is a one component system with excellent durability, adhesion, clarity and gloss.

Above, pigment-to-pigment agglomeration in the dried film of a conventional acrylic coating provides pathways for water and electrolyte migration, with adverse effects on barrier properties, such as corrosion resistance. Pigment particles may also protrude from the film, with effects on surface roughness and gloss.