ACOUSTICRYL™ Technology Is Sound Science

Sound is the result of vibration and can be found in personal vehicles, trucks, machinery and white goods. Scientists apply a variety of technical solutions to reduce the impact of vibration-induced sound. But few offer the convenience of liquid-applied sound damping. With ACOUSTICRYL™ Acrylic Emulsion Technology, coatings can be formulated for easy-spray application and effective sound damping.

ACOUSTICRYL™ Liquid-Applied Sound Damping

ACOUSTICRYL™ Liquid-Applied Sound Damping (LASD) Technology is designed to help reduce noise and vibrations within automobiles and white goods. It’s a sprayable, liquid alternative to polyurethane foam, asphaltic membranes and viscoelastic materials. Because it’s waterborne, ACOUSTICRYL™ Acrylic Emulsion Technology also helps lower VOC emissions and worker exposure while maintaining high-efficiency processing through airless spray application.

Next-generation ACOUSTICRYL™ Binders powered by AVANSE™ Technology feature a novel mechanism that activates the inorganic phase and offers a significant boost to sound-damping properties. Compared to conventional latexes, ACOUSTICRYL™ with AVANSE™ Technology offers:

  • Improved damping performance at equivalent weights
  • Equal performance, with a significant reduction in coating weight
  • Less latex and more filler, without a significant drop in performance
  • Formulation latitude, allowing for higher levels of platy fillers, which are better for damping