Leading the Way in Leather Coatings

From the first man-made bate to high-performance acrylic binders, Dow has been leading the way in leather solutions for more than 100 years. Our innovations enhance process efficiency and offer a signature combination of softness, toughness and durability. From furniture to footwear and apparel to automotive, our chemistries enhance, protect and improve the texture and look of your leather.

Leather’s Best Friend Since 1907

Dow developed the first man-made bate for leather in 1907, offering a more effective and user-friendly alternative to the traditional practice of softening leather with fermented canine feces. It was the first of many Dow innovations for leather and earned the appreciation of tanners around the world. Today, Dow Leather Solutions supplies a robust product line, from acrylics to silicones to polyurethane dispersions.

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