Interview Tips for Veterans

Do not rely on the interview team to translate your military job experiences to civilian roles. Clearly explain how your past experiences relate to the position for which you are applying. The O*NET Military Cross Walk tool can help you translate these experiences.

While gauging how you interact within a team is critical, the interview team wants to learn more about you. Focus on answers that demonstrate what you contributed or what results you initiated.

For civilian positions, you should not be asked about your discharge status or the possibility of being deployed. However, if you are asked these questions, it is recommended that you politely inform the interviewer that you respectfully prefer not to respond.

The use of standard behavioral interview questions should be no different than what is typically asked of other candidates (e.g., management style, problem solving, strengths/weaknesses related to teamwork, etc.) When answering, ensure that you refer to your military and civilian work experiences, training and education.

Your military career provided the opportunity to develop unique strengths early in your career. Do not assume that the interview team is aware of these strengths. Before the interview, identity your top strengths that you would like to demonstrate. For example, you could highlight your ability to work strongly in teams or independently, the global awareness you have developed and your leadership qualities.


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