The Science to Your Success

An invitation to Explore, Create and Contribute

A career with us is an invitation to explore, create and make valuable contributions to human progress. We’re a global team of problem-solvers, impacting everything from automobiles to fresh food. There’s a science to our success.

The following solutions demonstrate how science and humanity come together to innovate solutions that enhance the quality of life.

How can coatings impact the science of sound?
Simple. Sound is the result of vibration. Scientists apply a variety of technical solutions to reduce the impact of vibration-induced sound, but few offer the convenience of liquid-applied sound damping. With Dow’s ACOUSTICRYL™ Acrylic Emulsion Technology, coatings can be formulated for easy-spray application and effective sound damping. ACOUSTICRYL™ Technology is sound science. Learn more
How can your clothes stay fresh even after a sweaty workout?
Simple. With the long lasting intelligent freshness of Intellifresh™, powered by Dow’s patented SILVADUR™ technology. When you sweat, odor-causing bacteria will try to grow in your clothes. Not when the fabric is treated with Intellifresh, which neutralizes bacteria that can build up on fabric surfaces so fabrics stay fresher longer, even between washings. Intellifresh ensures all day freshness for your clothes and builds confidence that comes from looking good, feeling good and smelling good. Learn more.
How can a pillow help you get a healthier night’s sleep?
Simple. Dow’s new washable memory foam technology provides for a cleaner, cooler and more comfortable sleep enabled by a larger cell structure that now allows memory foam pillows to be washed and machine dried. Learn more.
How can a soap keep you healthier?
Simple. Handwashing with soap is among the easiest and effective ways to help prevent a range of diseases. That’s why leading soap manufacturers use Dow POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers to help make soaps feel softer on the skin and last longer creating an affordable hygiene solution for more people around the world. Learn more.
How can sewage be turned into a refreshing drink?
Simple. Use a rigorous filtration technology that is composed of polymer reverse osmosis membranes, no thicker than a human hair. Using pores smaller than one-millionth of a millimeter, the membranes are capable of wiping out microscopic contaminants. Learn more.
How can ice at an iconic arena be revitalized?
Simple. Dow enhanced the ice sheet at the Yost Ice Arena by improving the concrete slab beneath the ice. Dow used STYROFOAM™ Brand XPS Insulation and DOWFROST™ HD Heat Transfer Fluid to help accomplish this feat. These products aid in consistent temperature control, slowing of heat loss, prevention of the heaving of the slab, and transfer of heat to where it needs to be, all of which helps maintain the quality of ice. Learn more


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