Research and Development Careers

Research & Development at Dow is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, and attracts some of the finest researchers from around the world to its state-of-the-art facilities. We rethink what is possible at the molecular level to create breakthrough products and processes that impact the world around us. Dow scientists and engineers are among the most decorated in the industry for product discoveries, advancements, and lifetime achievements. Researchers collaborate on cutting-edge technology to develop sustainable market-driven scientific and technical innovations.

What Makes R&D at Dow Different?

By consistently investing in world-class resources and people, our innovation engine sets the stage for delivering long-term value to our stockholders while maintaining high standards of social, ethical and environmental performance. Dow’s unmatched innovation pipeline allows our researchers to explore their ideas while helping the company win in the markets of tomorrow.

Research & Development at Dow offers scientists and engineers unlimited possibilities to discover, create and develop while being supported by a culture with a strategic focus, reliable operations, financial discipline, robust innovation, strong leadership at every level, and recognition and reward for results. Dow is also known as one of the largest R&D investors in the global chemical industry. In fact, Dow’s investment in high-throughput research capabilities has dramatically shortened the time spent in early R&D and has continued to improve R&D productivity, leading to new products in coatings, electronics, performance plastics, and more.

R&D centers around the world support Dow’s innovation and growth objectives. Our exploratory and business-driven research leads to new or improved products that impact the lives of millions of people while creating business value for Dow. We focus on developing products and solutions that make sustainable improvements in the world, significantly helping to solve challenges such as alternative energy, affordable and adequate food supply, suitable housing, safe drinking water, and improved personal health and safety.

Professional Roles

We offer many diverse opportunities for professional growth. Opportunities in Research & Development include:


Work on the discovery of new technologies and the enhancement of current product platforms to create the products of the future.


Researchers help to assess customer needs and either match current product solutions to meet their needs or create innovative new products for emerging requirements.


Support customer needs by helping to develop new products and providing technical knowledge on the use, handling and management of Dow products.


Dow's Information Research (IR) group provides Information Technology and Information Management based solutions to drive value and accelerate discovery in the Research & Development (R&D) organizations throughout Dow. Information Research is comprised of two main groups: Research Computing and Technical Information Services.



Our Research Assignments Program (RAP) offers new Ph.D. scientists and engineers an exciting opportunity to explore different areas of industrial research and development in a two-year rotational training program at the beginning of their career.

Of the approximately 6,000 people working in R&D, hundreds of Dow scientists and managers started their careers on the Research Assignments Program that has been in existence since 1982. RAP offers talented graduates with a high degree of initiative the opportunity to rapidly gain knowledge of Dow's technologies, products and processes and build a broad network of professional contacts across the company.

Upon completion of the three assignments, RAP employees are typically placed in a non-rotating position with their sponsoring business. The RAP employee will be aligned to a leader within that business who will work with the employee on goals and an employee development plan for future growth and training opportunities.

Duration of Program

New employees spend 24 months in a training program with no more than three total assignments.  12 months are spent with the sponsoring organization and two subsequent 6-month assignments.  The selection of assignments is guided so that the employee gains relevant experience/training that will be useful once they begin their non-rotating position upon completion of the RAP.

Who We are Looking for

This program is for recent PhDs or post-doctorate candidates with minimal industrial research experience in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science or related areas. The ideal candidate is someone who seeks to continuously learn and apply technical knowledge to create innovative solutions. RAP is offered in the United States, China and Europe.

Assignments During the Program

RAP participants may be aligned to any Dow business. Assignments are designed to provide the new employee with experiences that are both beneficial to the individual as well as the sponsoring business.

RAP participants will be based at one of Dow's larger sites, but are encouraged (not required) to complete at least one assignment away from their base.

Below is an example of the rotational assignment program:

  • Core R&D Materials Science in Midland, Michigan (12 months with sponsoring group)
  • Dow Water and Process Solutions in Edina, Minnesota (6 months)
  • Dow Energy Storage Materials in Midland, Michigan (6 months)


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