Welcome to the overview of the Dow apprenticeship programs in Europe, our pipeline for specialist technical opportunities. Learn more about our country specific programs and how you can join our winning team.

Our Vision

To provide a sustainable pipeline of highly qualified technicians for our future success. The chemical sector’s workforce is structurally older than in other sectors, posing a potential skills and knowledge gap. Apprenticeship programs are a critical component of Dow’s attempts to fill that void.

Our Mission

For Dow
Dow must ensure that we hire and train our future workforce before current employees retire. Apprenticeship programs enable us to attract and train prospective employees, providing them with a deep understanding of our safety standards, systems and culture and at an early stage.

For Young People
Apprenticeships provide new opportunities for young people to gain a qualified and certified vocational education and a career in a respected, international company.

For the Community
Apprenticeship programs within Dow support Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing (STEM) education and Dow’s STEM career pathways to provide employment opportunities for talented young people.


In Europe, Dow currently has apprenticeship programs in the following countries: