Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability Careers

Dow professionals in Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability have a shared commitment to protect people and the planet. Members of Dow’s EH&S and Sustainability team work together to enable Dow’s success by providing Product Safety Services for the company’s more than 6,000 products while site EH&S Services provide support for Dow’s operations at over 200 locations in 35 countries around the world.

Our EH&S and Sustainability team works with academia, government, environmental groups and other companies to minimize the impact of industry on the environment and to achieve new levels of corporate citizenship. Their efforts result in industry records at many Dow sites and extensive recognition from communities, governments, activists and the news media.

Professional Roles

We offer many opportunities to develop expertise and leadership in these EH&S and Sustainability sub-functions:

EH&S Analytical Support

Provides analytical-based expertise such as consulting, sample collection and analysis, data interpretation and data reporting/submission to address EH&S needs. Areas of focus include issue management, process control and optimization, process safety and design, and regulatory compliance.

Emergency Services and Security

Our Emergency Services and Security professionals are industry leaders in Emergency and Security Preparedness and Response.

Environmental Regulatory Management

Provides regulatory expertise on EH&S, and implementation support to Dow sites and businesses. Advocates Dow positions with external stakeholders and develops external research organizations, including government and academia. In addition to consulting, the Epidemiology Expertise Center conducts studies to ensure company products are safe for customers, employees and communities.

Environmental Operations

Provides technical expertise on air emissions, wastewater management and waste management through permit implementation and reporting. Key areas of emphasis include managing and improving environmental compliance performance at Dow manufacturing sites.


Provides technical expertise and support to address health-related issues through consultation with business leaders and external research organizations, including government and academia. In addition to consulting, the Epidemiology Expertise Center conducts studies to ensure company products are safe for customers, employees and communities.

Industrial Hygiene

Provides technical expertise on exposure assessment to Dow businesses and their customers. In addition, provides consultation and guidelines on health-related issues like respiratory protection and ergonomics.

Life Cycle Assessment

Plays an integral part in Dow’s externally recognized Sustainability program and helps promote life cycle thinking by creating Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) with our business leaders. Interacts with Dow businesses and with partners in the value chain and academia. Our sustainable chemistry concept is designed to promote life cycle thinking within Dow and considers social as well as environmental aspects in our assessments. LCA is a powerful tool, not only for Dow, but also for the value chain, consumers, and governments.

Occupational Health

Provides a comprehensive set of occupational health services as well as consulting to Dow leadership, businesses, and other functions such as Public Affairs & Government Affairs and Human Resources. Occupational Health staff members have a key role in driving the success of Dow’s health strategy.

Product Sustainability

Involved in company-wide interactions to support the sustainable development, manufacturing, and sale of new and existing products. In addition to ensuring products are safe for people and the environment; Product Sustainability team members champion the development and implementation of product sustainability strategies for Dow’s various businesses. Many members work with external stakeholders, such as the value chain partners and regulators, in order to improve risk characterization and management practices.


Provides specialty-specific expertise and advice to Dow business through the Toxicology Expertise Center and Research Laboratory. Conducts laboratory-based studies to understand and address human and environmental health, regulatory and product stewardship concerns.

Co-Ops & Internships


The MBA Sustainability Leadership Internship Program at Dow provides a unique laboratory for catalyzed learning around real-world projects and challenges facing the industry. The objective of the program is to create an experience for exceptional MBA students who can bring new ideas and insights to the needs of a changing global marketplace while integrating sustainability directly into a Dow business. Ultimately, the program develops a powerful employment pipeline of future leaders with an appreciation for integrating sustainability into business development and management decisions.

Program Details

The 12-week summer internship is designed to:

  • Provide MBA students with a thought-provoking professional and personal learning experience
  • Support high-priority business acceleration projects that will help grow the next generation of Dow’s businesses
  • Provide visibility and direct access to several executive leaders and management teams
  • Encourage professional training, mentoring and career development
  • Stimulate and challenge thinking on novel ideas for new markets, products, processes and services

Who We are Looking for

Dow is looking for candidates who have the passion and entrepreneurial spirit to grow sustainable business.

Applicants must:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a global team environment with both technical and non-technical disciplines
  • Possess excellent business skills, understand value creation, have an innovative spirit, and possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Provide expertise and an outside-in viewpoint based on previous jobs and experience
  • Express a keen desire to integrate environmental protection, social welfare and economic prosperity into profitable business opportunities
  • Have a commitment to global sustainability by using business as a tool for environmental and social change
  • You must have the ability to work legally in the United States on a permanent basis. Applicants who do not have the necessary work authorization will not be considered for this position.

Internship Assignments

The MBA Sustainability Leadership Internship Program identifies exciting business projects that integrate sustainability with business development. The program can open doors to many opportunities for professional growth. Upon completion of the program, employees position themselves well for full-time employment based on available jobs and the individual's area of preference and performance.

The program’s project portfolio consists of a diverse set of opportunities such as:

  • Evaluation of access and value creation associated with new products and markets enabled by sustainability drivers
  • Assessment of market entry options and business models for sustainable products and services that address world challenges and increase differentiation
  • Engagement with customers and consumers on sustainability attributes and expectations that enable higher brand loyalty, reputation and goodwill among value chain partners
  • Development of cost and energy-saving measures through operational efficiency and innovative approaches
  • Creation of frameworks and models designed to identify and evaluate opportunities for sustainable business growth


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