Job Search Tips

To increase your success in today’s competitive job market, your job search strategy may need to go beyond applying for jobs and waiting for an interview. Successful candidates often seek out and utilize a variety of job search strategies. Included are some tips to help boost your job search success:

    Getting Started:

  • Begin the job search process by evaluating what roles interest you and what experience, knowledge and skills you offer. The key to a successful job search is not only recognizing what you can do, but what you want to do and where.
  • Keep in mind that an initial temporary job, consultant role, or contractor position can be a great opportunity to leverage new skills, gain experience and have an income while continuing your job search.
  • Keep a record of your job search details including all communications, interviews, referrals and follow-ups. This will help you build a record of valuable contacts for current and future job searches.
  • Be persistent! The job search process can be difficult and at times, exhausting. Keep in mind that everyone has been through similar challenges at one point or another. Keep a positive attitude and look at your job-hunting process as an exciting challenge that can lead to new opportunities.

    Self-Career Assessment & Industry Research:

  • Complete a thorough self-inventory of your interests, skills, accomplishments, experience and goals. Be sure that you can effectively communicate this information to a prospective employer, both verbally and in writing.
  • Try to match your skills, interest and values with the right career choice. This should begin with conducting research on different fields, industries and companies to find the right fit for you.
  • Employment agencies can be an excellent resource for job leads. Finding an agency that matches what you are looking for at the right price can help to establish a successful job search strategy.

    Professional Networking:

  • Networking can play a pivotal role in your job search strategy. Check with your friends, trusted colleagues and relatives regarding potential job opportunities.
  • Sign up for newsletters and e-mail lists, as well as join professional organizations to help expand your network.
  • Fellow alumnus or university career centers can have valuable job search connections. Additionally, most universities will have job posting websites, job fairs and resume/interview workshops. Take advantage of these (often free) resources. Your university may also be able to connect you with other alumni already employed within the workforce.

    Creating Your Brand:

  • Personal branding is a way of selling or marketing what you have to offer to a potential employer. The way you present yourself in person and online directly impact your personal brand.
  • With the prevalence and ever-growing popularity of social media, creating a personal digital brand is becoming more important in today’s workforce. Some tips on developing, maintaining and using your personal brand via social media to accomplish your professional goals include:
  • Build an online platform for your brand through a blog, website or other popular social media sites (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Determine which social network makes sense for you, your industry and what you want to accomplish or communicate.
  • Be conscious and consistent with your personal brand. Ensure that your personal brand represents whatever actions you take on social media and act consistently and thoughtfully when engaging in social media behaviors.
  • Keep your online pages authentic, honest and up-to-date.


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