Dow Building Solutions boosts XENERGY™ brand with launch of complementary insulation product

Diamond House, Lotus Park, Kingsbury Crescent, Staines, Middlesex - June 30, 2016

Dow Building Solutions has enhanced its extruded polystyrene (XPS) roofing insulation brand XENERGY™, with the launch of a new product specifically designed for use on parapets and upstands.

XENERGY™ LG is designed to be installed on parapets and upstands and assists in addressing the issue of thermal bridging on flat roof constructions. It is designed to be used alongside XENERGY™ SL inverted roof insulation, which recently became the first XPS to attain a Green Guide Rating A+ by BRE Global.*

XENERGY™ LG board is 60mm thick and comprises of a 50mm thick XENERGY™ extruded polystyrene layer with a declared lambda value of 0.030 W/mK, and a 10 mm thick grey coloured mortar topping that has already been applied to the boards.

XENERGY™ LG boards lock together to provide a continuous insulation layer. They are light enough for one person to handle and can be easily cut and shaped on site with a mortar saw – XENERGY™ LG can help minimise installation costs.

XENERGY™ LG, which will replace ROOFMATE™ LG-X and ROOFMATE™ LG-A, can be easily fixed by using a suitable adhesive.

XENERGY™ products benefit from a manufacturing process which uses CO2 as the blowing agent and adds infra-red blocking particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation within the foam board.

XENERGY™ products help decrease lambda values by up to 11% and deliver a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five.

Joan Ferrer, Technical Services at Dow Building Solutions, said: “The launch of XENERGY™ LG enables Dow to provide the complete XENERGY™ package for inverted roofs, including parapets and upstands.

“This really is great news for architects and specifiers because thanks to their superior insulation qualities, XENERGY™ products provide excellent protection and improve Lambda values across an entire roof.”

For further technical information, refer to the Technical Desk or the Technical Data Sheet:

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*BRE Global is the international provider of BREEAM, the first world’s sustainability assessment method for buildings, taking into account each single material used in the building and its performance during the building life cycle. XENERGYTM SL will help projects achieve improved BREEAM ratings due to its high performance, as recognised by its attainment of the Green Guide Rating A+.

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