Dow Joins Smart Cities Council to Help Global Cities Become More Sustainable

Midland, Michigan - September 30, 2016

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) announced today that it will join the Smart Cities Council, an alliance of companies collaborating to deliver frameworks and solutions for smarter cities. Dow’s membership has been featured in the White House Fact Sheet, released Monday, which recognizes the Company’s contributions to five select cities looking to accelerate urban livability, workability and sustainability.

"Cities can provide society with a blueprint for building sustainable, livable communities around the world," said Neil Hawkins, Dow’s corporate vice president and chief sustainability officer. "Dow is committed to applying our expertise in science and engineering to transition cities into more innovative, adaptable and collaborative places for a connected and resilient future."

As a Lead Partner of the Smart Cities Council, Dow aims to:

  • Support city planners in their efforts to adopt new solutions and processes and promote smart building codes and plans
  • Collaborate with other Smart Cities Council members on integrated city solutions spanning science and technology
  • Enhance the Smart Cities Council’s “Readiness Guide” with increased focus on building and construction solutions for cities as they plan and implement modernization technologies and processes

Dow’s participation in the Smart Cities Council supports the Company’s 2025 Sustainability Goals in terms of developing a societal blueprint that integrates public policy solutions, science and technology, and value chain innovation to facilitate the transition to a sustainable planet and society. Through these goals, Dow continues to lead the transition to a world where cities are at the core of healthy living, delivering ever-increasing value to customers through sustainable products and solutions.

Dow’s city-oriented solutions span from infrastructure to building materials designed to make cities more resilient, long lasting and sustainable. With this engagement, Dow is taking an active step in encouraging a greener lifestyle for the building industry that accounts for 40 percent of the national carbon emissions.

"A better city depends on better buildings," said Jane Palmieri, business president for Dow Building & Construction. "Clean air, security, health, comfort and prosperity can’t thrive without a smart approach to building homes, communities and cities. By joining the Smart Cities Council, Dow aims to facilitate collaboration, sustainability, innovation and community success starting with the very first blueprint through to the lifetime performance of the building. We believe a smart city has a combined focus on bits, bytes and molecules."

"We are so pleased to have Dow's world-leading materials science on our side," said Jesse Berst, chairman of the Smart Cities Council. "Dow's deep expertise in building science is the ideal complement to the data and analytics of our other member companies. Together, they point the way to the ultra-smart, ultra-efficient buildings of the future."

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