Delivering high-class performance insulation solutions.

Driving Down Energy Costs

When it comes to improving a vehicle’s efficiency, there’s more to consider than just fuel consumption. Dow serves the transportation industry with high-performance insulations that enhance energy efficiency, durability and comfort for a range of vehicle types.

The Dow Difference

To be cost efficient commercial vehicles, caravans and motorhomes must be insulated effectively and reliably whilst also being lightweight and built with highly durable materials to last for decades. Our STYROFOAMTM and XENERGYTM insulation offer all these features together with high-class thermal performance values.

Red Truck 

Refrigerated Trucks

To be cost efficient, refrigerated trucks require lightweight insulation that’s durable enough to standup to heavy use. After many years of industry leadership with our well recognized products STYROFOAM™ products, Dow is taking a new step forward with the development of next generation of extruded polystyrene insulation material, XENERGY™ ULTRA.

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Caravans and Motorhomes

Using STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation in the core of caravans and motor homes provides manufacturers with benefits to their production processes as well as a quality final product. Manufacturers use STYROFOAM™ in caravans for its excellent thermal properties and lightweight combined with high mechanical strength and long-term performance. STYROFOAM™ comes with various surface finishes and processing capabilities while providing a sound-dampening, energy efficient solution for caravan owners for the long run.

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