Residential Construction

Dow is building the foundation for comfortable, durable, energy-efficient homes

Building Better Homes

Dow has built a strong reputation in the residential construction market. For over 70 years, we’ve leveraged the power of science to deliver industry-leading insulation, air sealing and weatherization products. Today, we continue to innovate new solutions for building comfortable, energy-efficient homes.

Whole House Solutions

Whether you’re a builder or home owner, we can provide solutions that help you build and upgrade your home from the ground up. Comfort, safety, health. At Dow, we know that’s important to you.

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Residential construction home frame that represents how Dow’s solutions help with multiple areas of the construction process

Smart Building Solutions

Find high-performance insulation, air sealing and weatherization solutions for your home. Dow’s integrated technologies work together to reduce utility bills, manage moisture and deliver long-term durability and comfort.

Modern multifamily home on a blue sky.

Multifamily Building Expertise

The multifamily market continues to rise. A new generation of urban renters and owners wants high-quality housing, and Dow is helping meet the demand. Our integrated line of solutions is helping architects, builders and developers reach new heights of energy-efficiency, sustainability and comfort.

A scientist working in the lab.

Science Based Building

When it comes to building science, Dow is leading the way with innovative ways to insulate and air seal from foundation to roof. Our world-class experts are harnessing the power of chemistry and technology to create next-generation residential building solutions.

See the benefits of Building Science in terms of real world, real time energy performance in residential homes.

Watch how quick and easy it is to save energy with Insulating Foam Sealant.

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Code Compliant

Codes can be confusing. Our experts can help you identify the right solutions to meet your project’s code requirements.

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