Helping protect airport runways, highways and railroads against cold and frost damage.

Protect the Investment

The movement of the global economy relies on infrastructure, and the need for new investment is at an all-time high. Dow is using its proven expertise to help you protect costly installations like roads, railways, runways and pipelines from frost and thermal damage.

The Dow Difference

Whether you’re an architect, contractor or owner, we’re ready to help you build it better from the ground up.

Red train in an urban environment.

Geotechnical Installations

Cold and frost can compromise the structural integrity and long-term performance of valuable below-grade infrastructure and geotechnical installations. For more than four decades, our STYROFOAM Brand Extruded Polystyrene Insulation products have been proven to reduce heat loss from frost-susceptible subgrade installations.

STYROFOAM Brand Insulation can help reduce the potential for frost damage in these applications: 

  • Airport runways, taxiways and embankments
  • Highway embankments
  • Under rail track, at-grade crossings, switching yards and other railroad facilities

Like all STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation, solutions designed for frost protection resist moisture, have high thermal retention even over many freeze-saw cycles and come in ranges of high compressive strength for heavy loading.

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A Closer Look At Insulation Applications

Detailed technical guides to extend the life of your infrastructure: