THERMAX™ Wall System: An Innovative Way to Achieve High Performing Results

A patented system by Dow offering efficiency at every level by integrating water, air and thermal into one system. It meets all applicable IBC and ASHRAE requirements using industry-proven products for greater results.

The THERMAX™ Wall System is more than an insulated wall – it’s a systematic approach to achieving efficiency at every level: simplified design, streamlined construction and optimized energy consumption for a reduced carbon footprint.

Protect Against Moisture and Condensation
Steel transfers heat amazingly fast – up to 300 times faster than wood studs and reduces the effective R-value of metal stud wall designs by 40–60%. The ASHRAE prescriptive continuous insulation requirements for steel-framed, above-grade walls recognize this phenomenon, and in most climate zones, call for a layer of continuous insulation (ci) to be added to the assembly to help stop the steel thermal shorts that can decrease the energy efficiency of the wall system.

To meet the continuous insulation code it is critical to also account for condensation within the wall assembly. Even if a wall is adequately designed to prevent liquid water from entering the assembly, condensation can still occur as a result of the interior and exterior temperatures as well as relative humidity.

A Systematic Approach

Cladding-neutral typical design detail of the THERMAX Wall System using THERMAX XARMOR (ci) Exterior Insulation, LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Selant, STYROFOAM CM Series SPF Insulation

Dow’s complete system featuring the durable THERMAX XARMOR™ (ci) Exterior Insulation, the moisture protection from LIQUIDARMOR™ Flashing and Sealant and an added air barrier and interior insulation from STYROFOAM™ CM Series Spray Polyurethane Foam, meets all applicable IBC and ASHRAE requirements for continuous insulation, moisture mitigation, air sealing, and vapor barriers. This complete system eliminates the need for exterior gypsum sheathing, applied air/vapor barrier membranes, and extensive site coordination, making it both cost effective and easy to install.