Sustaining Momentum for Greener Living

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USGBC Discusses Lifecycle Assessment

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Dow Receives 2017 U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award


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At Dow Building Solutions, we give you the technologies and expertise to deliver high-performance buildings. From foundation to attic, our line of insulations, air sealants and weatherization products deliver energy efficiency, durability and long-term comfort.

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  • Designing Integrated Building Enclosure Sketches

    Designing Integrated Building Enclosure

    Thinking of walls as a holistic, integrated building enclosure can help improve efficiency and deliver more resilient structures. Learn More

  • Contractors installing STYROFOAM™ XPS Insulation on a Roof

    4 Installation Techniques for STYROFOAM™ XPS Insulation

    Our most experienced building science experts provide answers to your top STYROFOAM™ Installation Questions. Learn More

  • THERMAX™ Xarmor installed on a steel stud structure

    Top 6 Questions Asked of Rigid Insulation

    We’ve curated the top 6 questions asked about THERMAX™ Polyiso and STYROFOAM™ XPS Insulations. Learn More

  • Sustaining Momentum For Greener Living

    A high level thought leadership seminar hosted by Dow Building Solutions (DBS) in conjunction with the journal of the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects was held at the Building Centre in central London – a centre showcasing for innovation in building design. Learn More

  • Simplify Building Envelope Design

    Simplify Building Envelope Design

    Building code is complicated but complying doesn’t have to be. We’ve made a simple method for architects to evaluate wall system options. Learn More