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EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins

Performance under pressure

It would be easy to flip your lid in today’s marketplace. Food, beverages, personal care, household products – every application has its own set of demands. Lightweight but durable. Strong seals against spills and contamination. Fresh taste with low odor. Easy opening, yet tamper-resistant. And recyclable.

It’s a big responsibility to be a cap or closure. And an even bigger responsibility if you’re in the business of making them. Too much pressure makes some polymers unable to perform. But for the family of EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins, it’s a snap (unless it’s a twist, flip, pull, or pop).

Differentiated polyethylene solutions

As the world’s leading polyethylene (PE) producer, we help develop custom caps and closures that can take the pressure:

ESCR/toughness and lightweighting – By balancing high levels of environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) and stiffness, EVERCAP™ resins can enable:

  • Development of more sustainable PE closures, spouts, and dispensers for detergents, household cleaners, and personal care products
  • Conversion from two-piece lined polypropylene (PP) closures to lighter, one-piece PE closures
  • Lightweighting of one-piece PE closures used for pressurized applications like carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and sparkling water
  • Acceptable doming of the top shell in lightweight closures

Organoleptics – The resins’ excellent taste and odor performance is backed by ISO- and ASTM-certified analytics. Our Sensory Science Labs produce extremely accurate results.

Processability – The right balance of processability and physical performance allows:

  • Drop-in molding (tunable shrinkage)
  • Lower cycle times via consistent, waterfall closure ejection
  • Use of injection or compression molding processes

Barrier – Up to 40 percent improvement in oxygen barrier(1) helps:

  • Extend shelf life in oxygen-sensitive products
  • Prevent product browning and retain consistent texture
  • Improve consumer acceptance and product image
  • Our barrier resins can also enable conversion from foil laminate to clear pouch structures by maintaining sufficient total pouch oxygen barrier.

Exceptional versatility

EVERCAP™ resins address packaging industry megatrends and other global issues:

  • Using lightweighting, simplified material use, and recyclability to reduce plastic waste and strengthen sustainability profiles
  • Supporting health and wellness through aseptic, hot fill, and cold fill processes.
  • Improving shelf life and reducing food waste
  • Enabling reduced torque for easier opening and closing
  • Developing consistent, reliable tamper evidence systems that enhance safety and security

Our broad range of material and processing options also lets you get creative with design, intermaterial substitution, and cost efficiency. Possibilities include metal cap or hinged closure replacement, pull tab modification, and more.

Collaborate to innovate

Working with EVERCAP™ resins can also offer access to proven innovation resources, including Pack Studios. This exclusive global network of technical experts, equipment, and testing services – including sensory science labs in some locations – enables accelerated application development with collaboration across the value chain.

What’s pressuring your processes? We’re always open for some good collaboration. Let’s talk.



(1) Data per tests conducted by Dow. Additional information available upon request.

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