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ELVAX™ Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resins

Sealing the deal

Our ELVAX™ Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer Resins offer a variety of solutions for your sealants in meat and dairy packaging structures, footwear, wire and cable insulation, as well as photovoltaic encapsulants and sheets. ELVAX™ EVA also replaces PVC in non-invasive medical tubing and bag applications.

ELVAX™ EVA can be used for blown or cast monolayer and coextruded films, or blended with other resins. Other grades can be used for molded or extruded liner seals inside plastic and metal bottle caps.

Package. Seal. ELVAX EVA.

ELVAX™ EVA resins are the smart choice for low-temperature sealing, flexibility, puncture resistance, and other food and medical packaging required properties. Which means – energy savings, faster packaging speeds, fewer package failures, and less waste.

When you choose to work with ELVAX™ EVA, you could have:

  • Low seal initiation temperature for fast packaging speeds
  • Low shrink temperature
  • Greater adhesion than polyethylene (PE) to a variety of substrates/layers including polyolefins, PVS, PS and PET
  • Softer and clearer than PE
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased impact strength
  • Improved puncture resistance
  • Excellent flex crack resistance
  • Excellent flow and caulking in seal area
  • Good bondage to PVdC in coextrusion processes

Even better – ELVAX™ EVA resens offer specific performance properties based on what the application requires.

Block cheese

  • Good caulking and flow in heat seal process
  • Low-temperature seal
  • Low softening temperature
  • Excellent flex crack resistance

Cereal and cracker box liners

  • Good adhesion to HDPE/PP
  • High flow in sealed areas
  • Easily modified for easy opening
  • Excellent flex crack resistance

Fresh meat barrier packaging

  • Good adhesion to PVdC
  • Excellent impact and puncture resistance
  • Low shrink temperature
  • Excellent flex crack resistance

Caps and closures

  • Sealablity
  • Gas permeability
  • Heat resistance
  • Resin processability (melt rheology and hot tack)
  • Very high production rate
  • Resin blending

Medical packaging foaming web

  • Toughness
  • Puncture resistance

For your non-packaging applications…

If you hadn’t guessed – it gets even better. ELVAX™ EVA resins bring consistency, productivity, and performance for your adhesives, extruded industrial and consumer goods, footwear, wire and cable insulation, and other similar applications.

We’re pretty excited about ELVAX™ EVA and we hope you are, too. Let’s seal the deal on your next sealant project.