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The Science

A Question of Support

Optimizing the relationship between the weight, shape and size of the body and the material to create a supportive, high-performing system. 


The ability of a material to maintain or return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed; perceived as stretchiness.
The capacity of a material to withstand pressure, wear or damage; perceived as sturdiness, robustness and strength.
The way in which a material bears the weight and pressure applied by all or part of the body; perceived as softness or firmness.


Compression Set
The degree by which a material has permanently deformed after a force that has been applied to it over a period of time is removed.
Pressure distribution
The level of pressure observed from point to point within a material; the way in which pressure is spread over an area.
The energy absorbed by a material when it is being deformed; high hysteresis can represent poor resilience and slower recovery.


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