Impact modifiers for engineering resins to increase the ductility of injection molding compounds.

Today, consumers are demanding more functionality, efficiency and durability from their appliances and means of transportation. In addition, manufacturers are being tasked with ensuring the increased safety of their products. This puts tremendous pressure on manufacturers to be able to deliver in such a competitive and demanding marketplace.

Dow offers a line of impact modifiers for engineering resins which increase the ductility of injection molding compounds for appliance and electronic housings, and in automotive and transportation component systems. Additional benefits range from low temperature toughness to reduced melt viscosities.

These technologies provide customers with a distinct advantage, both during the manufacturing process and with the end-result of their products.


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Toughen your resin systems without impacting physical properties with PARALOID™ EXL-3361 Impact Modifier: a butyl acrylate-based toughener for engineering resins.

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