United States

The United States has experienced a manufacturing crisis over the past several decades. In fact, the first decade of the 21st century was marked by a reduction of 5.6 million manufacturing jobs. Perhaps this trend is due in part to the imagery manufacturing evoked – smokestacks, repetitive manual tasks and basic industries – but that is the manufacturing of yesterday. Today, advanced manufacturing depends on innovation and offers high-paying jobs in high-tech, state-of-the-art industries.

Global fundamentals are pointing in the right direction for a renaissance in American manufacturing, but we cannot rest. We must seize this opportunity.

Manufacturing has a key role in job creation and long-term prosperity. It employs millions of Americans, performs nearly two-thirds of private sector research and development, drives innovation, creates new products, and pushes the frontiers of science and technology. No other sector has the power to create more jobs. For every job created in the manufacturing sector, three to five jobs are created across the economy. We need to develop and implement a national strategy focused on creating an environment that will enable this manufacturing renaissance to take hold.

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