Middle East and Africa Kenya

Kenya Vision 2030 sets forth a vision for a long-term development strategy that aims to create a “globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030.” This includes industrialization of the country through a number of flagship projects aimed at generating at least 10 percent GDP growth per year. This is an ambitious goal and will require a focus on creating the base by which growth can be realized. Sustained economic growth and job creation depend on manufacturing as a foundation. Nations that support manufacturing can thrive.

Countries around the world are competing for the investments that businesses make and the jobs they create. National investment and incentive strategies that identify long-term opportunities and aggressively pursue them with manufacturing as their base will help generate sustainable growth and long-term prosperity. Kenya has the basic inputs to develop a successful manufacturing strategy, but there is a clear need for a comprehensive plan based on an identified set of strategic priorities. Looking forward, Kenya must evaluate its comparative advantages against a backdrop of the trends driving global challenges.

By identifying strategic priorities that align with Kenya’s comparative advantages and pursuing them with a strong manufacturing strategy at its base, Kenya can set the foundation for long-term economic growth and development that will enable the creation of sustainable jobs and continued innovation.

Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Kenya (1MB PDF)