Brazil Advanced Manufacturing

Brazil has made great strides over the past three decades, including the creation of established democratic institutions and evolving governmental and administrative offices. Brazil has a well-regulated, sophisticated and resilient financial and banking system as well as solid supply chains anchored with abundant natural resources and energy sources.

Even with Brazil’s recent and significant progress, manufacturing in Brazil is at a crossroads. Despite sufficient natural energy resources, significant challenges remain for large-scale manufacturing, including its tax system, bureaucracy, poor infrastructure, and gaps in its talent pipeline.

To ensure Brazil reaps the full benefits of a thriving manufacturing sector, Dow believes that Brazil must seize the opportunity to strengthen and streamline how the country attracts and retains a talent-driven innovation system, including recommendations to accelerate innovation and strengthen the talent pipeline, reform its tax system, improve its infrastructure and focus on global trade.

Although systemic reform is never easy, Dow firmly believes that incremental progress is possible in these areas. Dow remains a committed partner in Brazil, dedicated to its success, and willing to work together to help make a brighter and more prosperous future a reality.

Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Brazil (699KB PDF)