Legal Entity Rationalization - Suppliers

Supplier Awareness Letter - India
Supplier Awareness Letter #1 - EMEA
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Dear Valued Supplier,

The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) and our affiliated companies are working towards significantly reassessing our legal entity structure via the Legal Entity Rationalization (LER) project. We are streamlining the way we work with you and improving the way you interface with Dow.

What is changing?

Dow aspires to create a better experience for you. As our legal entity structure changes, you can expect to receive purchase orders, maintenance requisition orders, and some shipping documents, from a different Dow legal entity than the one you are doing business with today.

What to expect?

We are sharing this with you now so you can prepare for the upcoming changes. Please share the information about this upcoming change appropriately within your organization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.