Dow Electronic Materials FAQ

Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my invoice get returned?

There are various reasons that we return invoices to a vendor. Examples include: Invoice is addressed to the incorrect Legal Entity, Invoice is missing correct tax, Invoice is missing a valid purchase order or reference, Purchase Order is paid in full. The return to vendor letter will detail the reason why the invoice is returned.

How do I know the correct Legal Entity name to invoice?

For purchase orders placed after Go Live (August 2nd), please follow the instructions provided on the purchase order.

For purchase orders placed prior to cut over, please refer to the purchase order cross reference listed under Related Links on this site to determine Legal Entity for invoicing purposes.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Payments

The payments to my company are done via Evaluated Receipt Settlement. Will there be any impact after the cut-over weekend?

The current ERS process for invoicing includes a daily and monthly report on the goods or services provided by your company to Dow and/or its affiliates. Based on that report, the payment to your company is settled automatically.

The first week of go-live, you will receive the last ERS monthly report indicating the last payment that will be processed by the current ERP system. This will include all purchase orders that have been administratively received by Dow Electronic Materials before go-live. This payment will be processed automatically using the ERS process, following the standard payment terms that are being used for your payments. Please ensure any discrepancies based upon the daily ERS reports are communicated to Dow Electronic Materials in a timely manner to ensure the accuracy of the payments.

For purchase orders received after Dow Electronic Materials transitions to the separate Enterprise Reporting Planning (ERP) system environment, you will receive new daily and monthly reports based upon the transactions done after cut-over weekend. If you have ERS set-up for both Dow Electronic Materials and other Dow businesses, you will receive two separate reports.

Open Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable Transactions

What will happen to my open Purchase Order transactions with Dow Electronic Materials that are impacted by the technical upgrade to the ERP system?

All open purchase order line item quantities and/or amounts that (a) have not been Good Receipted and (b) do not have an Invoice Posted, will be recreated in a new ERP system. A new Purchase Order will be created with the open line items; and a cross reference will be published for the supplier on the website during the August 2, 2017 cutover weekend.

The example below describes how the new PO will be created under various scenarios and what action may still need to occur against the original PO.

Example: If the original Purchase Order line item has a quantity = 10

  • If original PO has already Goods Receipted = 5, and Invoice Posted = 5 then the new PO line item quantity will = 5. The Supplier has no further action on the original PO. All remaining transaction will be against the new PO.
  • If original PO has Goods Receipted = 5, and Invoice Posted = 4 then the new PO line item quantity will = 5. The Supplier will be required to invoice the original PO for the remaining quantity of 1 received against original PO, but not yet invoiced. All other transactions will be against the new PO.

What will happen to my open Invoices with Dow Electronic Materials after the go-live for the technical upgrade to the Enterprise Reporting Planning (ERP) system?

Invoice payments after go-live will be processed following the same method and standard payment terms as the current ERP system, with a few exceptions. Suppliers impacted by the exceptions will receive a detailed communication regarding the change.