Ariba Supplier Communication

How will purchase orders already in the Ariba Network be processed during this upgrade?

Purchase Orders (PO) in the Ariba Network, at the time of the upgrade, will be cancelled and the order will be recreated with a new purchase order number in the new ERP. The cancelled Ariba PO will be transmitted through the Ariba Network and will reference the new purchase order number. The new purchase order number should be used for future invoices

Future invoices referencing the new NON ARIBA PO should be sent to Please reference the new PO. You can also look up the new PO on the Purchase Order Cross Reference.

For future purchase orders, please follow the invoicing instructions linked within the purchase order.

Does my company need to submit a new invoice for purchase orders already transmitted through the Ariba Network?

No, Dow Chemical Company Accounts Payable will handle the processing of invoices already submitted through the Ariba Network. If you are awaiting payment on an invoice that was submitted through the Ariba Network, these will be picked up and paid. Please do not send in another invoice for these charges.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please contact your Dow Chemical Company representative.