Who Can Source

To assure effective internal controls, Dow has delegated specific authority to two groups of employees: those with the authority to spend and those with the authority to commit.

  • Authority to spend: These individuals have authority to approve purchase requisitions, which allows them to spend funds for certain projects or cost centers. They do not have the authority to commit Dow to any formal purchasing contracts.
  • Authority to commit: These individuals are Global Purchasing Strategic Sourcing employees, who are officially authorized to commit the company to contracts and to place orders with suppliers. Therefore, all commercial discussions with Dow suppliers require the direct and full involvement of authorized Purchasing employees.

Global Purchasing is responsible for all purchasing arrangements with suppliers. From the supplier perspective, working with Dow Purchasing to become a qualified, approved or preferred supplier is the best possible scenario to position your company for sales to Dow businesses, functions, Joint Ventures and other non-affiliate companies.