Gary McGuire

Vice President and Treasurer

Gary McGuire is VP and Treasurer of The Dow Chemical Company. Mr. McGuire leads a global team of over 200 treasury professionals managing all aspects of Dow’s finances which includes Funding, Operations, Planning, Customer Financial Services, Insurance, Pension, Financial Risk Management, Compliance, Corporate Real Estate, and Enterprise Wide Risk Management.

Mr. McGuire joined Dow Canada in 1988 as a Materials Management Analyst in Sarnia, Ontario and later moved to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. He held several positions in Materials Management before joining the Treasury group of Dow Canada in Sarnia, Ontario. Mr. McGuire left Dow in 1993 to join Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto as a Senior Corporate Risk Consultant. In 1995 Mr. McGuire rejoined Dow in Midland as a Financial Risk Manager and relocated to Horgen, Switzerland in 1999 as Director of Financial Risk Management for Europe and later Europe and Asia. In 2002 he returned to Midland to assume the role of Senior Director of Financial Planning and Operations and was promoted to Global Director of Enterprise Wide Risk Management in 2007. McGuire was named Chief Investment Officer in June of 2007 responsible for the management of the company’s global Pension and Insurance assets. Mr. McGuire was appointed Assistant Treasurer in January 2016, and became Treasurer in April of 2016. Mr. McGuire is a member of Dow’s Disability Employee Network (DEN).

Mr. McGuire is President and CEO of Liana Limited and Dorinco Reinsurance Company (wholly owned subsidiary of Dow), in addition to serving on the boards of both companies. He is chairman of Dow’s Investment Committee, and also a member of the Liana Finance Committee and Dow’s Benefits Governance Finance Committee (BGFC).

Outside of Dow Mr. McGuire is board member of the Dow Chemical Employee’s Credit Union in addition to serving on its Asset Liability Management Committee and its Loan Committee. He is a board member of MidMichigan Health where he also Chairs its Investment Committee and is Vice Chair of its Finance Committee. Mr. McGuire is also a member of the Board of the IFOPA (a 501c3 charity) as well as a member of its Finance Committee.

Mr. McGuire holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Revised: 8/16/2018