In April, Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s chairman and chief executive officer, introduced Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals. These goals will fundamentally redefine the role of business in helping to lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society.

The seven commitments that comprise the 2025 Sustainability Goals represent the next step in Dow’s long-term strategic journey.

“At Dow, by combining the ‘Human Element’ with our passion for science – we constantly strive to deliver long-term value with sustainable, global solutions,” said Liveris. “Our 2025 Sustainability Goals will help redefine the role of business at its intersection with society. They will be our guide as we work to improve the well-being of humanity with solutions that are good for business and good for the world.”

The seven ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals fall into three pillars of activity that combine to maximize economic, environmental and societal value:

  • Building courageous collaborations
  • Valuing nature
  • Unlocking the potential of people and science

The 2025 Sustainability Goals mark Dow’s third set of decade-long commitments. The first sustainability goals, launched in 1995, looked at operations through an environment, health and safety lens, helping Dow minimize its global footprint. In 2005, with its 2015 goals, Dow moved toward a more sustainable society and planet, this time by focusing on solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. These goals expanded Dow’s impact on sustainability through product solutions and collaborative approaches that address an affordable and adequate food supply, energy and climate change, sustainable water supplies and improved personal health.

With the 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dow shifts the focus of its sustainability journey to forming game-changing collaborations with like-minded partners. “Many organizations across business, government and civil society are pursuing sustainability initiatives on their own,” said Neil Hawkins, Dow’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. “At Dow, we believe that – by collaborating courageously to define a coordinated plan across sectors and throughout the value chain – together, we can have an even more significant impact. We stand ready to lead this blueprint by integrating public policy solutions, value chain innovation, science and technology to help lead the transition to a more sustainable future.”

Worldwide Dow employees are personalizing the sustainability goals at work, at home, and around the community through Dow’s Sustainability Commitment Campaign. Employees are sharing their commitments on a dedicated page on Dow’s intranet as well as externally in social media (Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter).

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Learn more about the 2025 Sustainability Goals, including an in-depth look at the seven goals and how Dow will measure its progress, at

Make Your Own Sustainability Commitment

Join Dow employees in making your own sustainability-related commitment. Just follow the steps below and you can be a part of Dow’s Sustainability Snapshot Campaign:

Or, to send your Sustainability Snapshot and the “I Commit” card via regular mail, please call Melissa Coleman at 989-638-3531 to receive a mailing packet. Optional:  Share what you commit to doing to help us move toward a more sustainable society and planet. 

Dow is excited and proud to include all our employees and retirees, our individual passions, and our commitments in this joint effort toward a more sustainable future. Sustainability starts with you – the Human Element.

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