Do You Have Paper Stock Certificates

Holding a paper stock certificate is a common choice for many investors; however, as with any valuable document, stock certificates can be lost, damaged or even stolen. There is an easy, safe and cost-free alternative to paper certificates. With the Direct Registration System (DRS), your ownership is recorded electronically on company records maintained by Computershare. Also known as book-entry, these shares have the same rights and privileges as certificated shares. DRS ownership eliminates the risk associated with paper certificates, and it simplifies and speeds up the movement of shares for transactions. Plus, by managing your shares electronically you can also take full advantage of the investor tools available through the Computershare Investor Center website,

Book-entry has been encouraged by both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York Stock Exchange. You may deposit certificated shares into book-entry with Computershare at any time. Contact Computershare toll-free at 1-800-369-5606 (outside the U.S. at +201-680-6685) or online at to learn more.

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