The Future Dow Is Customer-Centric

Digitalization is reshaping the world and rewriting the rules of competition. As consumers, we enjoy the convenience of being able to shop online – from browsing, to comparing, to choosing, to paying, to tracking our package from warehouse to doorstep. These digital-enabled conveniences were pioneered by consumer brands. Now, they are arriving squarely on the doorstep of business-to-business companies like Dow, with game-changing implications.

As more of our prospects and customers translate their consumer experience into business experience, they expect Dow to be more accessible, connected, nimble and responsive. To capture new high-value opportunities and nurture existing relationships, Dow has embarked on a journey to make every touch point a customer has with us easy, enjoyable and effective.

This effort starts with our people. The link between our employees and why our customers choose Dow is critical to achieving our Future Dow vision and ensuring our position as a market leader. Simplifying Dow’s employee experience with better processes and tools creates a best-in-class employee experience that is simplified, digitalized and offers direct access. This will inspire a people-centric mindset that will enable our employees to better deliver business growth and a customer experience that keeps them coming back to Dow.

Improving the customer experience gives every Dow employee a clear and shared purpose. Simplifying processes and going digital enables a faster, predictable, reliable and more consistent experience. When we get this right, it’s a win all the way around – for customers, for employees and for stakeholders.

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