Letter from the CEO

Jim FitterlingOur Company stands on the cusp of a new beginning. Our current employees and each of you who came before them shaped Dow into the world’s premier Materials Science Company. Through any lens, Dow™ is a rare company with aneven rarer opportunity in front of us. Think of this …

We have tremendous global strength coupled with the right local presence. We have a customer base that needs and wants our products and technologies. We have a proven innovation pipeline that continues to drive our earnings higher. Dow’s legacy has always been defined by impact for the betterment of society. When you put all of that together, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a fantastic company – and build something even better.

We’re going to set, and achieve, new aggressive growth targets that are coupled with a higher sense of purpose. For example, you will see the new Dow leading our industry in tackling today’s most pressing issues – such as plastics in the environment, working to further reduce our energy intensity and carbon footprint, and more.

That means measuring our successes through the lens of Global Social Impact. We want to answer the call to do GOOD FOR SOCIETY by leveraging the intersection of Sustainability, Innovation and Citizenship.

Dow’s ambition is to be the most inclusive, sustainable, customer-centric and innovative Materials Science Company in the world. We are going to continue to lead the market by focusing on our own company culture, ensuring that what is being produced is coming from people who are proud and inspired every day when they come to work.

I’m so honored by the opportunity and look forward to the road ahead. Thank you for your contributions in creating a strong foundation for us to build on. We would not be here today without your service and dedication.

Thank you,
Jim Fitterling
Chief Executive Officer

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