Dow™ Receives 11th U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Dow and Koehler Paper Group are the recipients of a 2017 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. The award was given in the design of greener chemicals category for the development of ROPAQUE™ NT-2900 Opaque Polymer for BLUE 4EST™ Thermal Paper. This is the 11th Presidential Green Chemistry Award Dow and its affiliates have received since the EPA introduced the award in 1996.

“BLUE 4EST™ Thermal Paper is an amazing innovation. It takes an entirely new approach, eliminates chemical developers for improved safety, yet still works in existing equipment,” said A.N. Sreeram, senior vice president, Research & Development, and chief technology officer for Dow.

BLUE 4EST™ Thermal Paper is a more sustainable thermal paper option for applications such as cash register receipts, tickets, tags and labels. The technology, which is compatible with existing printers, is free of chemical developers and removes chemicals of concern from production, consistent with the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute’s green chemistry principles. Instead of relying on a chemical reaction to provide a color change as with conventional thermal paper, colored paper is masked by a coating consisting of engineered hollow spheres. Precise chemical control during production of the hollow spheres controls the wall thickness and void size to form a highly reflective particle from an otherwise clear polymer. Mild heating with a thermal print head collapses the spheres, destroying the reflectivity and allowing the background color to show through.

The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards affirm Dow’s commitment to deliver breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that advance the well-being of humanity, part of the Company’s ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals.

“Dow is having innovation success collaborating with customers for more effective, sustainable materials,” said Neil Hawkins, corporate vice president, Environment, Health and Safety, and chief sustainability officer for Dow. “We are honored to receive this 11th Presidential Green Chemistry Award from the EPA.”

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