Pension and Benefits Update

Northern Trust will be taking over as the payer of The Union Carbide Employees’ Pension Plan (UCEPP) and The Dow Chemical Company Employees’ Pension Plan (DEPP) (this includes the former Dow Corning and Rohm and Haas Pension Plans).

Once the transition to Northern Trust is complete, all subsequent DEPP and UCEPP pension payments and the corresponding year-end tax forms will be issued by Northern Trust. This pension payment transfer will not have an effect on the amount or form of your monthly pension payment – or your eligibility for other Dow™ retiree benefits. If you are having retiree medical and/or life insurance premiums currently deducted from your monthly pension payment, these premiums will continue to be deducted. No action is needed at this time. A letter with more information on this transition will be sent to your home address in advance of the transition.

Contact the Retiree Service Center at 1-800-344-0661 for questions on:

  • Non-receipt of your monthly pension payment or lost pension check
  • Change to your address
  • Change to your federal or state tax withholding amounts
  • Initiation or change in direct deposit information
  • Exception: If you are currently receiving all or a portion of your pension through an insurance company, you will continue to receive these pension payments through the insurance company and not Northern Trust.

    Note: This change does not impact the payment of non-qualified pension payments.

    As part of our efforts to ensure a smooth transition to Future Dow, Dow employees and retirees will continue to follow their heritage HR policies and programs. If Dow decides to make any changes in policies and programs in the future, such changes will be communicated prior to their effective date.

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