Take Action - Update Your Dow Stock Account Today

U.S. state law requires that any abandoned property be escheated (transferred to the state). Did you know that your shares and dividend checks could be considered abandoned property? If you have not received any mail regarding your Dow stock account, if you have uncashed dividend checks, if you have not been in contact with Computershare, Dow's transfer agent, or your broker for over three years, then your property may be considered abandoned. The law applies to any Dow stockholder – even if you live outside the U.S., are enrolled in the dividend reinvestment plan, use direct deposit of dividend checks, or have paper stock certificates. Once your property has been escheated, it can take years to recover it from the state.

Take action today to maintain activity on your Dow stock account. Respond to any mailings from the transfer agent or broker. Cash your dividend checks. Keep your name and address up to date. Vote your proxy. Login to online accounts. Make contact regarding your account at least annually.

For more information on escheatment and how to prevent it, check out the FAQ for stockholders at http://www.dow.com/investor-relations/stockholder-information.