Dow Retirees Who Worked in Saudi Arabia: Opportunity to Publish Your Story

For many of you, your Saudi Arabia adventure is over, and you are already back in your home location, in a new assignment elsewhere, or retired. Others are among the last groups of expats in the Kingdom seconded to Sadara or working on Sadara-related Dow projects. For all of us, Sadara and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been an important part of our personal histories. While our memories will last forever, we are committed to keeping them alive for ourselves, for our friends and families, and for whoever is interested in knowing about our adventures.

To preserve and share our experiences, The Dow Chemical Company and its affiliates (“Dow”) is sponsoring the publication of a book that includes our personal reflections and those of our family members. The guidelines below provide more detail. We hope many of you will take this opportunity to contribute to the collective memory of our time in Saudi.

“I Lived in Saudi” Memory Book Guidelines

What is this about? This is an invitation to write about an experience or a reflection of your time in KSA. Dow will publish a book with the compilation of your stories.

What should I write about? The starting line of each story must be “I lived in Saudi Arabia…” So write about any aspect related to your stay in Kingdom within the guidelines below.

What are the guidelines?

  • Stories should be personal reflections or essays (nonfiction) about your time in KSA or a single experience, similar to a blog post or something you would write in a letter or email to family members.
  • Each story can have no more than 1,400 words. As a reference, if you use 12 point font Times New Roman that would fit onto two pages. If you submit a photo with your story, the limit is 1,000 words. Please use the “word count” tool on your word processing software to assure that you stay within the limit.
  • Stories should be original work. This applies to both children and adults.
  • All submissions must be in line with Dow Values (Integrity, Respect for People, Protecting Our Planet) and exclude Dow proprietary information.
  • Stories must be written in English.
  • Please include your full name as it should appear with the published story.
  • If you mention the name of a friend or colleague in your story, please get their permission. Forwarding an email with their permission along with your story is all that is needed.

Should I send a photo with my story? You can send a photo with your story, but keep in mind that your story can be no more than 1,000 words (see above). Photos should be high resolution (Full HD, 10 MB or higher). If you submit a photo, please provide both a black and white and a colour version along with a caption, i.e. who or what is in the photo. There may also be space for photos in the front or back of the book in addition to photos submitted with your story, so additional photos are welcome.

Who can participate? One submission per person will be accepted. All Dow expat personnel and their family members—seconded to Sadara or on a Dow assignment in KSA to support Sadara, who lived in KSA or are currently living in KSA—are invited to participate.

What is the review process? A group of Dow reviewers in Human Resources will decide only if a story meets the guidelines above. No suggestions or alterations will be made to text submitted. This is not a competition, but your “prize” will be that your story is included in the book.

Timeline: The project is being announced on the SANDS Facebook page, the SANDS Alumni Facebook page, via this email, and through Dow Friends, a website with news for Dow retirees.
March 31st, 2018: Deadline for submission has been extended to April 9
2nd quarter 2018: Review of submissions, Release and distribution of the publication

Will I receive a copy of the book?

We will provide one copy of the book to each family. There will also be an electronic copy available.

Are there conditions to participating?

By participating in this project, and submitting your personal story, you are hereby granting Dow an exclusive license to publish your story in the announced book, with the compilation of all approved stories. This includes the right for Dow to publish, communicate and distribute online and to sublicense. The duration of this license is indefinite.

By submitting your story and granting Dow an exclusive license to publish, you confirm that:

  1. You have written the story and therefore you own copyright;
  2. You are the sole author of the story; and
  3. If you have included third party copyright material (i.e. created by someone else), you have the necessary permission from the copyright owner to include their material.

If your story and/or pictures are selected, Dow may also request a written copyright license in addition to the license already granted above.

This is a great opportunity to contribute special memories and a chance to have your work published! Please feel free to forward this email to family members or retirees who were on assignment in KSA.

We look forward to receiving your stories, which should be sent to Jill Hodde via email at Thank you in advance for your participation.