Brazosport Area Retirees: Calling All Industry Experts…Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Share Your Knowledge!

Lake Jackson, Texas - July 29, 2014


Brazosport College retiree/instructors, from left to right, (row 1): Ronald Colwell and Bennett Willis; (row 2): Ric Mergenhagen, Ellroy Fox and Russell Moy.

Want to stay connected to industry while helping to prepare tomorrow’s leaders? Bring your industry skills and experience into the classroom at Brazosport College!

Brazosport College is currently seeking retired industry personnel to serve as instructors for non-credit or credit courses on a part-time or full-time basis.  If you have expertise in MOD, process operations, instrumentation technology, electrical, pipefitting, millwright, welding or professional development areas, come and join the Brazosport College instructional team.  The schedules are flexible, facilities and labs are state of the art and equipment is top notch.

Training for Brazosport College has proven to be a rewarding experience for previous retirees as expressed by Dow retiree Ellroy Fox, “I went to work as a way to stay active and keep my mind engaged, and I found instructing and sharing my work experiences with students to be very rewarding.

“The part-time schedule has been nice, in that I still have the extra time to go and do the things I like. Of course, the extra spending money has been great, but meeting all the new people and instructors has also been a good experience. Also, seeing everyone still at the plants has helped me keep up to date on the industry,” said Fox.

For more information please contact Dr. Herb Miles at or (979) 230-3459.

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