Dow U.S. Health and Fitness Reimbursement

Certain U.S. employees are eligible for partial reimbursement of certain expenses for their choice of approved physical activity, tobacco cessation, and/or nutrition/weight management expenses, as part of the U.S. site Health & Fitness Reimbursement Program.

More Information: For complete guidelines, eligibility, reimbursement amounts and Reimbursement Request form, visit the Dow Intranet, Keyword: US Reimbursement.

Basic Eligibility

  • This program is available only at certain leader-approved sites; to U.S. Field Sales employees; and to U.S. Virtual Office employees with supervisor approval.
  • Only full time and LTFT approved employees are eligible for Health & Fitness Reimbursement.
  • To determine your eligibility, visit the Dow Intranet, Keyword: US Reimbursement.