Site Consolidation

In 2016, Dow began a comprehensive process to investigate the feasibility of consolidating the Dow Michigan Operations and Dow Corning chemical manufacturing facilities on S. Saginaw Rd. into a single, unified site.

Based on comprehensive input from the community, Dow has decided to move forward with plans to pursue this proposal. Dow recently made a formal request to the City of Midland to close S. Saginaw Rd. between Mark Putnam Rd. and Salzburg Rd. and reroute non-Dow traffic to Waldo Ave. and Bay City Rd.

Bringing the Dow and Dow Corning facilities together opens many opportunities for the unified company and for the Midland community, including:

  • Expanded opportunities for community prosperity through manufacturing growth
  • Enhanced safety and security at the site as well as for the surrounding community
  • Increased site competitiveness, through operational efficiencies, productivity gains and workforce unity