Dow Promise Program Guidelines

The Dow Promise Program Guidelines:

It started as a vision — the vision of Dow employees to positively impact African-American communities near Dow locations, where economic and educational challenges may be barriers to success. It was a promise to give something back to kids and their communities.

Since its creation in 2000, Dow Promise has evolved from a promise into a lasting relationship that supports Dow's commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development, and more importantly, social responsibility.

The intent of this program is to fund one-time, tangible project costs that have long-term, sustainable benefits for community members. This funding cannot be used for ongoing program costs.

Application criteria

  • Applicants must be charitable or non-profit organizations (have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax designation) or be municipal or government agencies. Faith-based organizations are welcome to apply provided their project benefits the community as a whole and does not promote one religion over others.
  • Applicants should be sponsored by a local Dow African American Employee Resource Group.
  • Projects must be based in an area in which Dow has manufacturing facilities.
  • Projects MUST include an opportunity for Dow employees to volunteer. The total number of volunteers is contingent on funds requested.
  • Funds must be used for the purchase of tangible, re-usable project supplies or equipment to improve the quality of life and provide long-term benefits to local communities (please see below for items that cannot be funded)
  • Projects must be completed within one year of receiving the funding. A report on the results of the project must be provided to the Dow Promise Council prior to the organization receiving any further funding.
  • If additional funding is required to complete the project, the funding sources must be secured and confirmed prior to applying for a Dow Promise Grant.
  • A maximum of one application per organization (determined by tax identification number) will be accepted. & If more than one application is submitted by an organization, all will be disqualified
  • Application entries should not exceed the specified word count.
  • Application entries should not exceed the specified word count..
  • Applications must be endorsed by the organization’s Executive Director or equivalent as well as the employee sponsor (if applicable)
  • All documentation must be submitted prior to the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered

What organizations DO NOT qualify?

  • Organizations that do not have tax-exempt non-profit or charitable status. For-profit businesses, religious organizations for the sole benefit of that organization, individual sports teams, political organizations or candidates, labor unions, homeowners associations or individuals

Do not apply for non-tangible expenses or costs including:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Salaries and stipends – including labor and consulting fees (e.g. engineering, architecture)
  • Training expenses
  • Food
  • Transportation and Travel expenses (airfare, buses, lodging, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Fundraising events, giveaways or prizes
  • Scholarships or tuition payments
  • Dues and memberships
  • Lobbying expenses
  • Other non-tangible, non-reusable costs that require ongoing funding in order to continue the project
  • In accordance with the guidelines of The Dow Chemical Company Foundation, vehicles and other modes of transportation do not qualify for funding

Projects must provide positive community impact in at least one of the following areas: Science in Society, Contributing to Community Success, and/or Sustainability.

Science in Society means:

  • enhancing understanding of the roles of chemicals and plastics and the chemical industry and/or;
  • having the potential to increase interest in careers and opportunities linked to chemistry, engineering, technology and other sciences

Contributing to Community Success means:

  • promotes job creation and/or
  • meets community-defined needs and/or
  • provides permanent improvement to the social infrastructure within a disadvantaged or underprivileged sector of the community and/or
  • provides funding for facilities, equipment or programs that will be widely available within a community or will offer long-term benefit to the community as a whole

Sustainability means:

  • enhances or protects the natural environment and/or
  • raises awareness among a broad public audience of environmental issues in relationship to social and economic consideration

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Meet an identified community need, particularly in the areas of environmental sustainability, economic development, neighborhood safety and security, work skills development and/or health care
  • Have one-time costs for tangible, long-term items such as facilities or project starter materials
  • Are well-researched and provide visible long-term benefits
  • Are from organizations that are financially well administered and organized
  • Have measurable results
  • Generate community support and involvement
  • Outlines a specific plan for the participation and involvement of Dow employees and retirees

Selection process

A selection committee comprised of representatives from Public Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, and Dow’s African American Network will review the applications and provide scores based on how well the project meets the grant program criteria. They will then meet to discuss and select the successful projects.

How to Apply

Eligible organizations should contact Egypt Eaddy to be connected with their local Dow African American Employee Network

Be sure to include all the required information, including an itemized budget for the Dow Promise funds requested.

Tips for successful applications

  • Make sure your project qualifies – has 501(c)(3) or other tax exempt verification
  • Answer all the questions on the application completely, but BE CONCISE and specific about ONLY the aspects of the program that you want Dow to fund
  • Be specific about what the funds you are requesting will be used to purchase
  • Make sure the funds are only being used for the purchase of tangible, reusable items
  • Ask only for what you need
  • Be specific about the results you expect – what happens as a result of your project
  • Have a long-term plan and show how you plan to keep the program going after you receive this one-time grant
  • If there are additional funds required beyond the Dow grant funds, state where the additional funds will come from
  • Get endorsement from your Executive Director
  • Get endorsement from your local AAN employee group
  • Submit your application on time