It started as a vision - the vision of Dow employees to positively impact African-American communities near Dow locations, where economic and educational challenges may be barriers to success. It was also a promise to give something back to kids and their communities.

Since its creation in 2000. Dow Promise has evolved from a promise into a lasting relationship that supports Dow's commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development, and more importantly, social responsibility.

To learn more, download the Our Promise Brochure or read our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • A clear need in the city or community where Dow has a presence
  • A chance to help pre-college students discover the wonders of science
  • Support of a project or program involving science, engineering, business or a related area where Dow needs talented people
  • An opportunity to sustain and enhance the environment


Dow Promise owes much of its success to the organizations that partner with us nationally and in our communities. Our communities give Dow its license to operate. In return, Dow seeks to be a good corporate citizen with over 150 Dow Promise volunteers helping to make a positive contribution to each of our communities.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saginaw Bay Area

Dow Promise provides financial support to help market the need for more caring adult mentors to act as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Several Dow Promise volunteers are also active as “Bigs” to young people in the Saginaw area.

Boys & Girls Club of Saginaw - Longfellow

Dow Promise volunteers work with students in the Longfellow Boys & Girls Club. They act as mentors and provide tutoring support for a variety of programs, such as the phonics reading program. They also give middle school and high school students exposure to different careers by educating students about their jobs at Dow.

First Robotics - Buena Vista High School

What can thirty students in a robotics program do? Something amazing, according to Dow Promise volunteers. Students and volunteers work together to develop robotic equipment and refine their technical skills. Other students learn marketing and presentation skills while creating the Chairman’s Presentation, along with videos to showcase their project.  Along with their project involvement, students also work to attract sponsors, encourage school participation, and have the opportunity to earn college scholarships.

Help One Student To Succeed (HOSTS) Program - Claytor Elementary School

Dow Promise volunteers mentor fourth grade students at Claytor Elementary in a one-on-one setting. They help the students improve their reading, math, science, and writing skills – whatever the students would like to work on.  A recipient of the 2003 Betty Scharff Award, Claytor teachers and volunteers have come together to make a difference in their students' lives. As one HOSTS student put it when speaking of her mentor, "She has made a difference in my life…now I know I can read."

First Tee Program - Delta College

First Tee is a national initiative aiming to blend leadership and academics into an appreciation for golf. Students receive academic help, are taught leadership principles, and learn the fundamentals of playing competitive golf. Dow Promise provides support for the academic component of the program, by helping to sponsor mathematic enrichment programs for First Tee at Delta College.

FUSE Studio = STEM for All Students

Saginaw Township Community Schools were able to purchase online FUSE Studio challenges for their middle schoolers through a Dow Promise Grant. The program allowed them to experience STEM in an exciting, interactive way. On Friday, February 2, Midland area Dow volunteers and students worked together to solve fun challenges, such as creating a ring tone, 3D modeling of a building, designing eyeglass ware, and printing designs on a 3D printer.

Houghton-Jones Saginaw East Central Neighborhood Association

Imagine an economically challenged neighborhood plagued by poverty and crime becoming a vibrant community. The Houghton-Jones Neighborhood Association is doing just that, with the help of financial support from Dow Promise.  

After-school and summer programs are in place, along with recreational activities. These give area students the opportunity to get to know their neighbors in a safe and educational setting. Workshops teaching life skills are also available for adults and encourage parent-child interaction. 

The Houghton-Jones Neighborhood Association does more than provide help with homework and sponsor activities. It also works to create a sense of community, through neighborhood clean-up projects such as turning vacant lots into parks where families can play.

Midland Children's Museum

Have you seen a museum without walls in Saginaw? It travels around the state of Michigan and may be coming to a school near you. Dow Promise funded the creation of this museum – one without walls – to give students a hands-on opportunity to learn archaeological skills and identify skeletal structures and animal hides of animals native to Michigan. Dow Promise also provides financial support that enables the museum to visit schools in Saginaw.

Little Engineers Robotics Afterschool Program & Mini-STEM Expo

Dow Promise partnered with Victorious Believer’s Ministries in Saginaw, Michigan to host a Mini Robotics STEM Expo for K-5 students that attend Jessie Loomis Elementary School. The students had an opportunity to compete in a robotics competition and conduct hands-on science experiments. Jessie Loomis is one of many underperforming schools in the city that local companies and organizations are targeting to help provide essential resources to increase academic interest and performance.

Saginaw County Promise - Saginaw Community Foundation

As a local Community of Promise in the America’s Promise program, the Saginaw County Promise is a community partnership that works to assure that all children in Saginaw County have the opportunities to thrive and succeed. This program enables adults to connect teams and children in the community with five promises dedicated to their learning and growth.

Dow Promise provides financial support for the Saginaw County Promise’s marketing efforts to make Saginaw County families aware of the program and the opportunities available.

Saginaw Striders

Running provides more than just exercise – it also provides an opportunity to learn new skills as part of a team. Developed by volunteers from Dow Promise and South Middle School, Saginaw Striders introduces Boys & Girls Club members, South Middle School students, and other Saginaw area youth to the fun of running and walking. Dow Promise and other community volunteers act as coaches and mentors for the students, encourage healthy eating and fitness, and help expose them to new skills through career shadowing opportunities at Dow.

Keys to Success - School District of the City of Saginaw, Central Intermediate

Dow Promise financially supports Central Intermediate and the delivery of the “Keys to Success” Seminar, a program designed to make students and staff aware of how their attitudes and temperament impact their ability to learn. Students are given skills to help control their emotions both inside and outside of school. “Keys to Success” seminar is a K-12 module of Envicare Consulting, Inc.


First Baptist Community Development - Renaissance Community Development

The Renaissance Community Development Program is an after school tutorial program for young people in the New Brunswick area, an economically challenged community in New Jersey. Dow Promise volunteers work with students ages 6-18, and help them focus on achieving academic, social and personal success.


Louisiana State University Office of Scholarships - Summer Camps

The opportunity to attend academic summer camps can make a tremendous difference for students who are struggling in school. The Louisiana State University provides a variety of academic programs, from remedial classes to enrichment programs. Dow Promise provides financial support and scholarships for elementary and high school students from low-income families in the greater Baton Rouge area, Plaquemine, Port Allen, Iberville and Brusly.

Sharing a Vision - Port Allen Middle School

Members of SAV and Dow Promise volunteers are coming together to impact the academic achievement of 6th-8th grade students at Port Allen Middle School. Volunteers work academically challenged students to improve their math, science and English skills, and also help the students with their homework.

Southern University - Adopt a Lab

What is corrosion science and why is it important? Dow Promise encourages high school and college students to explore questions like these through its support of mechanical engineering departments and a corrosion laboratory at Southern University. Dow Promise also provides financial assistance for students to explore this exciting area of science.

Ivy Foundation Community Outreach – CANN 5k

A Dow Promise Grant made it possible for the Ivy Foundation to successfully host their Changing and Advancing Nutrition Now – CANN 5K. The race promoted awareness of childhood hunger and raised scholarship money for students in the Greater Baton Rouge Community. Fitness and STEM activities were available for children to learn and enjoy on race day. Louisiana Operations volunteers participated in the race and assisted with logistics.


Hope Community Development Corporation

The Hope Community Development Corporation provides an in-school mentoring and tutorial program for at-risk students in the Charleston area. Dow Promise supports this group both financially and with the help of volunteers who primarily work with students ages 14-21.

Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc. - Harambee Learning Center

Students of all grade levels can receive the extra help they may need at the Harambee Learning Center, an after school tutorial for students in the Dunbar and South Charleston areas. Dow Promise provides financial support, along with volunteers who work directly with students to provide help with homework.



On April 14, 2018, at Jack Yates High School 259 students participated in the Ascend Summit sponsored by a Dow Promise Grant. 72 volunteers, 22 being Dow, gave the opportunity to these students to receive academic enhancement and life skills guidance. There were 6 workshops that included entrepreneurship, branding, college readiness, maritime careers, STEM activities, and finance and banking.

Kid's Money Klub - Ridgemont elementary

How many lawns would I have to mow to buy a new pair of running shoes? The Kids' Money Klub is an after school program devoted to enhancing math skills for students who need extra help in math. Dow Promise supports this program financially and with volunteers from Dow's La Porte facilities, who help students learn how math is used in investments, budgeting, and money management.

MoneyLIVE 2018 - S.T.E.M

MoneyLIVE is a program that is designed to deliver practical life and financial lessons to students. This live one-day event will gave high school through college students a hands on opportunity to learn about careers in the areas of engineering, sciences, and careers in other areas such as well. Students learned how to make real life financial decisions as a result of their career choice.

Lightning Track Club

The Lightning Track Club is an academic and athletic enrichment program for students in all grades. Dow Promise volunteers are involved in all aspects of this club, from helping students develop their track and field skills to teaching students how to maintain good grades. Dow Promise also provides financial support for this group, which attracts students from all over the Houston area and involves participation in statewide and national competitions.


St. Charles Community Outreach Foundation - Mt. Airy Baptist Tutoring Program

Computers have changed the way we work and communicate, and knowing how to use them is essential. Through the Mt. Airy Baptist Tutoring Program, an after school tutorial program, Dow Promise volunteers are helping students to develop their computer skills through hands-on experience. Volunteers also work with students to provide help with homework and other school activities.

St. Charles Parish Schools - Luling Elementary School

Some students need a little extra help to succeed. Members of Dow Promise volunteer their time both during the school day and after school to work with elementary students that have academic performance problems.

St. Charles Parish Schools - Hands on Science

What is an emulsion? Does salt water freeze? Sometimes the best understanding of answers to questions like these comes from finding the answers yourself.

Dow Promise provides financial support to integrate inquiry-based science learning into science classrooms, giving students the opportunity to conduct experiments to discover the possibilities of science. Dow Promise volunteers are also involved by helping school districts develop strategies to introduce hands-on science learning and assist with teacher training. Volunteers are encouraged to work with classrooms who are implementing this unique learning opportunity.

Pleasant Zion Missionary Baptist Church Summer Camp

On March 17th, 96 campers came together at Wilson Charter School for a day full of STEM. There were 6 stations, 5 being STEM activities and 1 about Dow and engineering careers. They were able to have a successful day because of the Dow Promise Grant they were awarded. St. Charles Operations volunteers supervised, guided, discussed with, and lead these students throughout their day.