Generations of Innovation and Transformation

Dow is a company that has succeeded by reinventing itself for the times. Over nearly 125 years, from science start-up to innovation powerhouse, Dow has continuously transformed itself for the opportunities of each era.

Golden Age of Inorganics (1897-1920)

Dow begins as a one-product start-up defined by founder H.H. Dow, an industry pioneer. Learn More

A Shift to Organic Chemistry (1920-1940)

Dow rapidly diversifies its product lines – selling agricultural chemicals, elemental chlorine, pharmaceutical products, magnesium metals and plastic resins, among other products. Learn More

The War Years and the Rise of Plastics and Petrochemicals (1941-1959)

Wartime needs accelerate the research and production of plastics, and Dow opens a consumer products division after World War II. Learn More

Going Global and the First Era of Commercialization (1960-1989)

Dow begins its global expansion as products such as Saran Wrap® and Scrubbing Bubbles® become household names. Learn More

Market-Facing Products and Diversification (1977-2004)

Dow shifts its focus to value-added products for automotive, health care and packaging, among other industries. Learn More

Innovation at the Intersections (2004-Present)

Dow is driving innovations that extract value from the material, polymer, chemical and biological sciences to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems. Learn More

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