Powering the Game

Dow solutions will help media as they tell the great stories of Rio 2016 for millions of fans around the world. Dow Wire and Cable technologies provide protection and durability to the energy and data cables installed at venues including the Olympic Tennis Centre, Olympic Aquatics Stadium and the Main Press Centre/International Broadcast Centre (MPC/IBC) complex. The MPC/IBC complex also features Dow technologies in the Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) panels of the building’s façade. This innovative system enabled completion of the façade in 30 days, while standard technologies take up to six months to be installed..

To learn more about the Dow solutions in Rio, visit here.

Dow “solutions at play” also enabled higher-performing and more sustainable Olympic Games during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The Bolshoy Ice Dome was built to be the most iconic venue of the Sochi 2014 Games. The main hockey arena relied on DOWCAL™ Heat Transfer Fluids to create and maintain the high-performance ice surface for the world’s most prestigious hockey players.

Several other Dow solutions were incorporated throughout the Bolshoy Ice Dome, from floor to ceiling, including:

  • WALOCEL™ products were used in the concrete mixture for the flooring beneath the ice, contributing to greater workability during application.
  • Industrial coatings from Dow were applied to the building’s metal structural components, offering enhanced durability and protection from corrosion.
  • ENDURANCE™ family of semiconductive and insulation materials, offering reliability and long service life to power cables.
  • SPECFLEX™ Polyurethane Systems were used to produce the seats for VIP guests, contributing to aesthetics, comfort and durability.