Specialty elastomers from Dow can help meet the full range of processing requirements for automotive TPO compounds.  From the initial compounding to the final part, Dow offers exceptional processing.  Dow’s elastomers are specifically designed for good dispersion in the polypropylene matrix. It is this dispersion that helps minimize crack propagation in the final part. As shown in the figure below, there is exceptional dispersion of the ENGAGE™ elastomer in the polypropylene matrix as compared to EPDM.

 Picture showing the dispersion of ENGAGE elastomer in the polypropylene matrix, compared to EPDM.

Dow offers several options for compounds used in injection molding of hard TPOs for interior and exterior applications.  Included is our ENGAGE™ product family which not only offers excellent impact resistance, stiffness and low temperature ductility but also offers higher flow during processing…an answer to today’s increasingly complex and demanding part designs.

The compatibility and low glass transition temperature of ENGAGE™ elastomers yields good impact resistance, shown below, even with higher melt flow polypropylenes as compared to EPDM.  This enables the production of larger and or thinner finished parts.


Graph showing the Polypropylene Melt Flow Rate