ENGAGE™ PV POEs improve key material properties and performance, making them the preferred materials for encapsulant films.

Encapsulant Film Degradation Under UV

Even after 10,000 hours of Xenon Arc weathering testing, encapsulant films made with ENGAGE™ PV POEs did not show increased yellowness index (a problem often associated with EVA).1
1 Based on Dow testing that compared a module film made with ENGAGE™ PV POE to a module made with an EVA-based film. Additional information available upon request.

Change in Color of Encapsulant (Yellowness Index)

ENGAGE™ PV POE-based Encapsulant Film Maintains Excellent Color Stability

EVA-based Encapsulant Film Shows Yellowing and Degradation

Super accelerated UV exposure shows yellowness and degradation increase for EVA compared to ENGAGE™ PV POE.

ENGAGE™ PV POEs for consistent, enhanced power retention