The carpet industry is facing ever growing sustainability challenges. At Dow, we developed new products that provide innovative carpet-backing solutions that help our customers and the industry address these challenges. Manufacturers of carpet tiles and broadloom can take advantage of these unique offerings. Dow offers carpet solutions for various carpet-backing processes including extrusion lamination, hot melts and melt-in place equipment.

yellow chair on circular patterned carpet.
  • Carpet tiles produced with Dow Elastomers solutions have demonstrated excellent dimensional stability over a variety of temperature and humidity conditions avoiding problems such as curling or doming.
  • Carpets produced with Dow Elastomer materials have been developed to meet Green Label Plus* requirements or low VOCs
  • Dow's polyolefin elastomer technology can be easily recycled back into the product as part of a closed loop process.
  • Dow Elastomers technology allows for high levels of fillers leading to improved economics.
  • Dow Elastomers offers alternatives to PVC and bitumen based heavy-layer backing for a sustainable solution with ease of recycling.
Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality Adhesive Testing Program

*Green Label Plus is a registered trademark of the Carpet and Rug Institute.