Manufacturers, brand owners and retailers need to deliver solutions that meet consumers’ demands for more durable, recyclable, safe and functional products that are also aesthetically appealing with quality touch and feel. Dow Elastomers offers polyolefin-based solutions that help our customers and the entire value chain meet these evolving needs. With extensive capabilities and expertise throughout the world, Dow Elastomers serves a variety of Housewares and Consumer market segments.

Our high-performance solutions offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Durability with outstanding toughness: Our impact modifiers for plastic containers and lids enhance toughness, improve flexibility and can prolong the use-time of plastic housewares.
  • Sustainable alternatives that offer ease of recycling: Our polyolefin elastomers are the ideal solution whenever recyclability of polyethylene and polypropylene is high on the priority list.
  • Performance across a broad temperature range: Our latest generation products can be used across a wide temperature range, performing in freezer-to-microwave conditions.
  • Low taste and odor with excellent organoleptics: Our solutions have a minimum contribution to taste and odor allowing for best-in-class organoleptics.
  • Design flexibility with wide coloring options: Solutions can be tailored to meet the requirements of the customers’ applications, from enabling bright colors, soft touch and rubbery feel, all the way to outstanding heat and flame resistance.