Assorted types of wood molding for homes.

AFFINITY™ GA polymers can be used to formulate hot melt adhesives for:

  • AFFINITY™ GA polyolefin elastomers can be used for all molding, profile, and wrapping applications including 3-D laminations.
  • Edge banding

Woodworking adhesives made using AFFINITY™ GA polyolefin elastomers demonstrate the following performance attributes

  • Increased Mileage: High mileage due to aggressive bonding and lower density
  • Clean and Char Free: Clean and char-free processing resulting in reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased Productivity: Reduced line shutdown and increased intervals between product changes resulting in increased productivity
  • Improved Color and Reduced Degradation: Better color of the adhesive resulting in improved customer satisfaction
  • Virtually no smoke and odor: Virtually no odor or smoke, resulting in improved workplace conditions
pdf icon AFFINITY™ Product Selection Guide
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pdf icon VERSIFY™ Product Selection Guide
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